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Dog party? Where?!?





Im thinking arbys

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Dude stepped in my shot

Inferno 3000. I was taking a picture of the oven.


Delta bike project


It’s not your typical botanical drawing course. My new online class series, “Draw & Paint Six Culinary Herbs,” will incorporate all the things that make the humble kitchen garden a place of a thousand small delights. In addition to learning to create softly shaded pencil studies, spirited ink-and-wash sketches and richly layered color renderings that combine watercolor and colored pencil, we’ll also explore the history and folklore associated with our six herbs. Each lesson will include art demo videos, printable illustrated instruction pages and photo tutorials posted on our private class website — as well as illustrated tips on growing, harvesting and using our culinary collection. I’m also sharing my own stock of organic herb seed (from my garden, while supplies last) with anyone who asks when they sign up. Email me for a list of available varieties.

The course is designed so that you can work at your own…

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Customizing the WordPress Dashboard For Your Clients
I needed to change up the dashboard for a client because they’re running 2 separate wp installs – one blog is for their portfolio of work, and the other is for news.  After trying to make everything work under one wordpress install, I decided the customization time for custom posts to basically create another wordpress inside of wordpress was too much. Yes, I did look into wpmu/network sites, but since I’m working from an existing install, it was again too much work for such a simple issue.  The trouble now is being sure which wordpress install you’re logged in and working on, so this came in handy for making the difference between the two obvious.  I think I’m going to start using this for all wordpress installs I do.

I'm working on tidying things up and finding a permenant home for the clutter, but here's what my office looks like today. The big white desk in the middle of the room is actually a whiteboard on a keyboard stand. A piece of glass on another keyboard stand sits below it for the keyboard and mouse. This is the computer I do most of my coding and video editing work on. The desk is pretty danged modular. If I need to reconfigure so I can have a keyboard stand or get it out of the way so I can use backdrops on the wall behind it, I can. Then there's that desk in the corner. Since my boyfriend removed and threw out the piece of the desk that slides in and out and holds the keyboard and mouse, I decided to convert it into a standing desk by putting a desk hutch on the front. The imac on this desk it is primarily used for music recording, lengthy video conversions, large file uploads, and video editing, but it's true purpose in existence is as a backup machine for my development work. The hardware specs on the two machines are nearly identical and I keep the OS and software versions close too, so that if either machine dies I can load files from a backup and get back to work in under a day. If you look carefully, you'll spot a powermac 8600. It still works and has like 512MB ram and a 500mhz g3 processor upgrade card inside. It runs protools 5, photoshop 4 (not CS4, just 4), and netscape navigator. I did a lot of recording on that box once upon a time, most notably recording new york city's premiere piratecore band: . It's lived in closets for the better part of the last 10 years and I've got it set up now because over the 45 days I'm going to dump everything I can into ableton on the imac and then dispose of the hardware. You can't see it because it's currently not in use, but I also have a PC that I occasionally use to play a game of Civ 5 or stroll through the forests of skyrim.